Final quarter requirements

Before your final quarter, review:

The following steps must be taken in the quarter you complete your degree:

  1. Register for at least 2 credits.
  2. Submit your request for your final oral exam to the Graduate School online via your MyGrad – Student View page at least 2 weeks before the exam is scheduled.  You will need the date, time, and room of your exam. This will be provided to you at the start of NMETH 801: Implementation.
  3. Be sure your final executive summary and poster drafts are uploaded to the NMETH 801 Course Website by the due date posted on the Assignment page.
  4. Bring with you to your oral defense:
    1. Your poster for presentation
    2. 1 hard copy of your Executive Summary
    3. Completed Doctoral Degree Completion form ready for committee signature. Please note whether or not the Final Project agency permits the final report to be placed in the School of Nursing DNP Final Project Library (to be shared as exemplar with future students)
  5. Optional:  Register your project with the Virginia Henderson International Nursing Library.

Graduation ceremony requirements

If you are graduating summer, autumn, or winter quarter and wish to participate in the School of Nursing Convocation the June following your graduation: Convocation information will be sent to the doctoral student e-mail list and posted on the School of Nursing website. Make a note to check this site and follow the posted instructions in order to participate in the ceremony. You are also advised to send a note in April to to inform Student and Academic Services of your intent to participate.

If you are graduating in spring quarter and wish to have your name included in the program for the University-wide Commencement Ceremony in Husky Stadium, you must submit your signed Request for Final Examination to the Graduate School by April 19. Check the UW Commencement website for the specific date, as it is different every year. The names of students who graduated earlier in the academic year will be automatically submitted by the Graduate School.

If you are graduating Spring Quarter, you are also advised to arrange for family members to arrive at least 2 days prior to Convocation.

After graduation

If you plan to seek certification and licensure as an advanced practice nurse after graduation, you may find the following links helpful: