Final examination

The Final Examination is the declaration of, or the presentation of, the DNP Final Project. As stated in Graduate School Memorandum No. 13, the Final Examination must have three committee members present, including the co-chairs.

Before requesting a Final Examination with the UW Graduate School, check with Student and Academic Services (SAS) in the School of Nursing to assure that your current working supervisory committee members are consistent with the names officially listed with the UW Graduate School. After the Final Examination, all attending members of the supervisory committee sign the degree warrant. You are required to file the approved final abstract with SAS. Please submit one copy electronically to Betsy Mau ( and one paper copy with your final examination paperwork to SAS (front desk of SON; 3rd floor T-Wing HSB).

DNP graduates must be registered for at least two (2) credits in the quarter in which the degree is conferred. Carefully review the final quarter requirements. DNP graduates should be reviewed at least one quarter beforehand.