Satisfactory progress

In order to make satisfactory progress, continue in, and graduate from the BSN/ABSN program, a BSN/ABSN student meets University, School and program standards relative to scholarship and performance in pursuit of the BSN degree and must:

  1. Earn a 2.0 or above in all graded classes (see University definition of low scholarship) or “Credit” in non-graded classes;
  2. Meet the Essential Qualifications of Candidates for Undergraduate Admission, Continuance and Graduation at all times during the program; and
  3. Satisfactorily complete the first 45 credits of the BSN program within two years of initial enrollment.

The BSN Coordinating Committee (BSNCC) monitors satisfactory progress of all BSN/ABSN students. If BSNCC is concerned that a student is not making satisfactory progress as defined by the criteria above, the committee:

  1. Reviews the situation, with particular attention to evidence that student is not meeting Essential Qualifications or is performing at a level that poses a safety risk to patients.
  2. Considers action needed. Actions may consist of but are not limited to:
    1. Place the student on Essentials or Academic (course) Warn.
    2. Outline in writing specific requirements the student must meet for the remainder of the program in order to continue in and graduate from the program.
    3. Provide the student with information about support systems to enhance satisfactory progress, including regular tutoring, counseling, and/or advising appointments.
    4. Require the student to repeat a course or courses, take a remedial course or complete additional remedial sessions associated with a course.
    5. Require the student to attend the program on a reduced program schedule.
    6. Require the student to take a leave of absence.
    7. Dismiss the student from the program.

Students are encouraged to seek support through Student and Academic Services, as well as through counseling services as needed.