Assault and violence

Options for victims of sexual assault and relationship violence

Conduct constituting a sexual offense, sexual harassment, relationship violence, stalking, unwanted advances, indecent exposure or any other incident of a sexual nature that creates a hostile environment (subjective to the person[s] affected) will not be tolerated. Students committing sexual or physical offenses in any form can be prosecuted under the Washington State Criminal Code (Title 9A RCW) and/or disciplined under the Student Conduct Code (WAC 478-120) and through the Residential Life Conduct Process.

If you are a victim of sexual harassment, you should notify your Resident Adviser (RA) immediately so they can provide assistance and connect you with additional resources. If you are the victim of sexual assault, there are resources available on and off campus to help you. Some of your options are:

Call 911

If you are assaulted on campus, the UW Police Department (UWPD) will work with you to explore your options. If you are assaulted off-campus, Seattle Police will take your report. Reporting incidents to the police is encouraged regardless of the availability of evidence. You may request that your personal information on the report be kept confidential. In some cases under Washington state law, the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office may choose to file charges and pursue prosecution without your consent.

Seek medical attention

Not all injuries are readily apparent, and while the best evidence is obtained immediately after an incident, forensic evidence may be collected up to 72 hours later. Tests to detect sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy may be performed, and emergency contraception may be made available. Additionally, if you suspect that you were given a sedating substance, a urine test can be performed up to 72 hours following ingestion.

Call a friend

Call a friend or someone else you trust for support.

Call the Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Information Service (SARIS)

SARIS is a free, confidential and nonjudgmental service for students, which offers a secure place to obtain referrals and other information about sexual assault and to report sexual assaults anonymously. Staffed by specially trained Sexual Assault Resource Specialists, SARIS connects victims and survivors with the services they need.

For referrals and information any time of the day or night:

SARIS, 109 Elm Hall
Phone: 206.685.HELP (4357)

Call the Counseling Center

Psychologists and counselors are available all year to work with currently enrolled students.

Counseling Center, 401 Schmitz Hall
Phone: 206.543.1240

Call UW Violence Prevention

If you’re concerned about potential violence, contact this hotline for students, faculty, and/or staff to report threats, or to seek advice and/or counseling.

UW Violence Prevention
Phone: 206.685.SAFE