School of Nursing

January 29, 2017

Statement of support for international students and scholars

The presidential order on immigration issued Friday affected every person in this country, because it compromised the very ideals on which this country was built.

For those of us directly and personally affected because we were not born here, this is a time of shock, uncertainty, and disbelief. An action taken incautiously and without thorough consideration of all its practical or moral implications is having a profound effect on millions of people—people who are an integral part of the wonderful fabric from which America is made.

This is not who America is. The Statue of Liberty has beckoned far longer with its invitation to “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free” than a small and ill-informed minority has argued for rejecting that ideal.

For those in the School of Nursing with visa or immigration concerns, know that you have our full support and that every available University and SoN resource will be at your disposal. I encourage you not to take any action in haste. It is my expectation that much or all of what has been done will be undone as its effects on the country are understood by the elected officials who will be the ultimate decision makers.

Know too that while the political administration has changed, America has not. It remains a land of opportunity, compassion, and refuge.

UW president Ana Mari Cauce has issued a forceful statement of support for our international scholars and students. Both Ana Mari Cauce and I were beneficiaries of all that has made this country great, including its inclusive welcome for those from other lands. We stand for that, and with you. As legal and other issues are clarified, we will keep you fully informed. Meanwhile, if you have questions about your personal circumstances, contact Student and Academic Services at or visit our international student services page.