Workforce Development

We are dedicated to developing and disseminating training programs that fit the needs of a diverse workforce including therapists, social workers in child welfare, public health nursing, home visitors, early intervention services, and child care and early head start.

Our aim is to provide introductory trainings as well as advance training for therapists serving families in the community setting. If you would like to learn more about our training visit or email to get on the training email list.

ADVANCED TRAINING: We are currently seeking funding to develop and implement an advanced clinical training model at the Barnard Center to replace the previous Infant Mental Health Certificate Program. We anticipate the development for this program to occur in 2019, to be added to our email list for updated please contact us at

TRAINING GRANTS for Promoting First Relationships®

Department of Early Learning

The goal of this project is to train early intervention specialists across the state how to use Promoting First Relationships® program with the families they serve. Dr. Monica Oxford is the principal investigator.

We provide workshop and video-based training on Promoting First Relationships® to Children’s Administration staff and their contracted service providers who will use the training with their clients. Children’s Administration is part of the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services. Dr. Monica Oxford is the principal investigator.

Veterans & Human Services Levy Strengthening Families at Risk

The goal of the project is to provide the train-the-trainer model of evidence based curriculum, Promoting First Relationships®, for community-based agency staff that work with children younger than 5 and their families who live in environments where stressors are particularly high. Dr. Monica Oxford is the principal investigator.