Sample curriculum grids are available below showing how DNP-MPH concurrent degree program students might elect to complete both programs simultaneously:

Download the DNP-MPH Sample Curriculum 1
Download the DNP-MPH Sample Curriculum 2

Global Health MPH curriculum

Information about the Global Health MPH program curriculum can be found on the Department of Global Health website.

Population Health & Systems Leadership curriculum

Our Population Health & Systems Leadership track offers a multi-disciplinary curriculum. With your cohort, you will:

  • Learn to use evidence-informed decision-making models and analytic skills to nimbly respond to pressing societal needs
  • Become equipped with leading-edge, interdisciplinary research to lead sustainable change in community and population health practice
  • Develop skills to serve vulnerable populations and communities through intensive practicum internship
  • Build a professional network from a wide range of disciplines

You can become a specialist in your preferred area of community and population health by focusing your course papers, projects, internship and coursework on your areas of interest in:

  • Global and Cross-Cultural Health; OR
  • Health Systems Transformation; OR
  • Community Engagement for Health Equity

Our curriculum is designed to fulfill the American Association of Colleges of Nursing’s accreditation requirements and to prepare PHSL graduates in public health competencies, and features interdisciplinary educational opportunities.

DNP core curriculum

All Doctor of Nursing Practice tracks are offered as full-time study only.

Year one

Year one of the DNP program is offered in a hybrid format (50 percent in-person, 50-percent distance learning), and requires that you be on campus one to two days per week. You will complete core DNP academic classwork with peers across all DNP tracks in the School of Nursing. Content of year one courses includes:

  • Leadership
  • Appraisal and application of evidence to advance practice
  • Health equity
  • Health systems and policy
  • Wellness and health promotion, and
  • Quality improvement

If you did not apply to the Global Health MPH program concurrently with the DNP, you will submit your application to the School of Public Health by the December 1 deadline.

Year two

Some DNP courses include distance learning methods, but many courses are in-person and require weekly attendance. Your second year includes track-focused classes, seminars, and clinical experiences.

Year three

As in year two, many courses require in-person attendance with some courses including distance learning methods. In the final year of your program, you will continue clinical training.

In addition, you will work with your supervisory committee to complete a DNP final project in collaboration with a local clinical agency or organization. This project is presented in the form of a final examination.