Proctored Essay Disability Accommodations

You may request disability accommodations for completing the proctored essay. Requests must be received by the application deadline.

Be aware that entities outside of the School of Nursing may take several weeks to review disability accommodation requests; give yourself plenty of time to complete this process.

If you will write the proctored essay at the UW Seattle campus and require disability accommodations for math or writing, please send a copy of the report specifying the type of accommodation you need to

Non-UW students

If you are not currently a student at the University of Washington, please contact the Disability Services Office (DSO) at to approve of accommodations for the proctored essay.

Current UW students

Approval of Disability Accommodations for the Proctored Essay

  • If you are already registered for services through the Disability Resources for Student (DRS) office, you should have received an email from them through the myDRS system after your Access Planning Meeting.  This email will be in your myDRS mailbox titled: [DRS] Eligibility for Academic Adjustments and Accommodations.  You can print and submit this email to the School of Nursing.
  • If you have not yet contacted the DRS office but have had accommodations approved at another school you previously attended, you can send a copy of the academic accommodation plan from that college, university or high school directly to the School of Nursing.  This would only address accommodations for the proctored essay and will not necessarily apply beyond the proctored essay.  You should meet with DRS to discuss accommodations applicable to your academic courses.
  • If you have accommodations approved at another school you currently attend and plan to write the proctored essay there, give the name and contact information for the Disability Resource Services office in the “Out of Area Applicant Essay Proctor” section above.  The School of Nursing will send the essay prompt to that office, which will provide your approved accommodation.
  • If you have never been approved for disability accommodations, you must submit your documentation to DRS via the myDRS website and have an Access Planning Meeting (APM).  If you are not in the Seattle area, a phone APM may be possible.

Taking the Proctored Essay at the School Of Nursing Or At DRS

Some accommodations can be handled by the School of Nursing.  However, certain accommodations, such as use of a computer or other adaptive equipment, must be scheduled at DRS.  When testing must take place at DRS:

  • The School of Nursing will contact DRS to verify they have approved the application.
  • The DRS Testing Center will contact you to set up a time to write the proctored essay, depending on available equipment and space.  The DRS Testing Center can be reached at