NP Week 2019

This week is National Nurse Practitioner Week. Every year we celebrate the work and contributions of our nurse practitioners. From promote preventative care and treatment of acute and chronic conditions to influencing care outcomes by providing expert consultation for nursing staff, they are dedicated nurse leaders striving to create change in the healthcare field.  

We are proud of each our nurse practitioners, here’s two of our fantastic HuskyNurse NP alumni and their advice to future NPs.

NP alumni Class of ’79 Nancy Lawton and Pattei Hardman

Nancy Lawton, ‘80, “We need more NPs engaging in leadership roles, at places of employment, in our communities and in elected positions to know the best interests of our patients and our profession are represented. Gain clinical mastery, but don’t stop there, continue developing your voice and skills and share your expertise to create the best working and health care environments for ourselves and our patients.”

Todd Ray

Todd Ray, ‘12, “Find a job and career that you are passionate about and demonstrates a healthy multidisciplinary approach to patient care. Ensure you have a strong and healthy mentor, to help guide you through the beginning of your career and continues to support you as your mature as an expert clinician and leader.” 





Keely Robinson

Here’s two of our amazing HuskyNurse NP students in midwifery and what their plans are after graduation.

Keely Robinson, DNP Year 2, “Post-graduation, in the shorter-term, I am very interested in practicing in an environment that allows me use the full scope of my midwifery license to provide full-spectrum reproductive healthcare. Throughout my 15 year career, I have worked with underserved communities. After graduation, I plan to continue to work with these communities in the Seattle area. Over the longer term, I plan to continue my advocacy work in reproductive health and healthcare system reform and hope to eventually see these efforts turn into lasting improvements to our healthcare infrastructure.”

Andrea Shelton, DNP Year 2 “As a future certified nurse-midwife, I am primarily interested in working alongside marginalized communities across resource-limited settings to provide comprehensive, inclusive health care with a strong reproductive health focus. I would like to practice as a community-based midwife in an environment where I am valued as an independent provider with full practice authority and as a contributing professional of an interdisciplinary team. Eventually, I plan to extend my career internationally where I hope to continue to mobilize sustainable change from the individual to the systems level.” 

Andrea Shelton