School of Nursing

June 30, 2020

Looking Ahead to Autumn Quarter

As we engage in preparations for the Autumn quarter, our goal is clear, and our strategy continues to evolve. As President Cauce has outlined, a plan is emerging for how classes and other educational functions will take place next quarter. But that is today’s plan, subject to change at any moment as we all take account of new information regarding best practices for dealing with the coronavirus.

As the president said in her message, the University will pursue a hybrid strategy in which online and in-person classes will be used, and the School of Nursing will follow the same approach. Our situation is complicated by having more lab and clinical courses where personal interaction is necessary. This requires extensive planning and careful execution, in order to assure everyone of safety, as well as opportunity.

The SON administrative team is fully engaged in creating a Safe Start Plan specific to our circumstances and needs. Your safety is our highest priority. We will only do what can be done in a safe way.

Much of the autumn is going to be about all of us taking care of one another in every way possible. This will mean wearing face masks for in-person activities, maintaining social distancing, using other personal protective equipment as appropriate, and adhering to all other protocols that are published. There are no protocol enforcers. This will be everyone’s personal responsibility. As a school of nursing, this is an opportunity to walk the talk. We urgently need to be leaders in this, including demonstrating how important it is to be compassionate and caring at a time when everyone is facing stressful circumstances.

I encourage everyone to attend the upcoming virtual School of Nursing Back to School/Back to Work Town Hall at 12:30pm on July 2. We hope to have more details to share at that time. And, there will be a university-wide Town Hall on July 10.

Nurses have been the mainstay of lifesaving care throughout this pandemic. They have been brave, bold, and resilient caregivers and leaders. That’s what nursing is about, and these are traits that will enable all of us to make the Autumn quarter work and work well for everyone.

The entire School of Nursing staff is available to answer questions or respond to concerns. We know that many of you will have individual circumstances that require flexibility or accommodation, and we are prepared to work with you.

Please stay healthy and positive.