School of Nursing

October 17, 2017

Free expression and what it means for all of us

Azita Emami

I encourage you to read UW President Ana Mari Cauce’s blog post in which she provides her thoughts on what free expression means for us as individuals, as a university community and as a democratic nation.

I would like to echo her sentiment that “we enrolled or hired each of you based on a belief that you have something to contribute. Respect that in yourselves and in the other members of our community. We will not always agree – believe me – but we must all take responsibility for engaging with each other respectfully, for truly listening to each other and for keeping our minds open to new ideas. That, after all, is why we’re all here: to learn with and from each other.”

I also hope you are able to attend or watch online the Annual President’s Address at 3:30 p.m., where her remarks will center on the theme of community and how we can collectively advance Washington and the world. Visit the Office of the President website for more information.