Nursing Shark Tank

On Thursday, Nov. 7 we had our Nursing Shark Tank where distinguished nurse researchers  vie for innovation funding by making their case for their life-changing research: and the audience helps select one project that best addresses our community’s most pressing issues and makes the largest impact on Washington and the world. 

We had three fantastic presenters:

L to R Amy Walker, Joelle Fathi and Paula Cox-North

Paula Cox-North, Ph.D., ARNP who presented on linkage to care in diverse populations, more specifically treating hepatitis. 

Joelle Fathi, DNP, RN, ARNP, CTTS who presented on combating the electronic cigarette epidemic and protecting our youth and working with Seattle Public Schools. 

Amy Walker, Ph.D., RN who presented on Ten Minutes Matters: A Parenting Intervention for Siblings of Children with Cancer. 

Winner Joelle Fathi and Associate Dean Butch de Castro

Three innovative and competitive research presentations made it challenging for our audience to vote on who would receive the $10,000 funding.

The winner was Joelle Fathi. She presented on vaping in Seattle Public Schools and how vapes are the new cigarette. “Emerging clinical evidence is increasingly showing the health risks associated with vaping this information coupled with the understanding that 90% of lifelong smokers started smoking before they were 18 years old has instigated an urgency to address this rise before rates of vaping are at epidemic levels,” said Fathi.  

Fathi plans to use the funding in partnership with Seattle Public Schools, Department of Prevention and Intervention, to support assessment of knowledge gaps for teens.  “More importantly, the development of an interactive educational module intended to educate and equip teens in the community to make informed decisions about vaping and where to seek help if they are dependent on the nicotine in these devices,” said Fathi.  “This educational resource will be available to Seattle Public Schools for broad distribution across the district, for free, and translated into as many of the top spoken languages as possible.” 

 Thanks to everyone who attended, our emcee Paul Rucker, panelists Sofia Aragon, Patty Hayes and Professor Jennifer Sonney and special thanks to our advancement team who worked hard to put on this fantastic event showcasing the innovative research of our faculty. For more photos, visit our Facebook