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Emily Robson

Emily Robson

Hometown: Portland, OR

Year: First Year

Program: DNP Population Health Nursing

Research/Areas of Interest: Global Health; Women, Children and Infant Health

Why did you choose nursing? I chose to become a nurse after volunteering with a health clinic in East Africa. While there, I witnessed how parents had to decide between feeding their families or affording the medications they needed to treat illnesses like malaria. This experience led me to become passionate about accessible healthcare for all and desiring to be in the nursing profession. As a Registered Nurse, I have a medical skill set, can provide holistic care and a powerful voice to advocate for comprehensive healthcare. However, in my role as a Primary care RN, I felt like there was more to be done. I worked diligently alongside my patients to overcome barriers to their healthcare to only find out these barriers existed not because of who my individual patients were, but rather due the system we live in. Population Health Nursing addresses these systems-level barriers. Instead of taking care of an individual, I will take care of a grouping of people who share a common identity such as diabetes, women, elderly etc. to promote the community’s health as a whole. By completing my DNP in Population Health Nursing (PHN), I can implement healthcare initiatives to improve healthcare systems for underserved populations.

What has been an unforgettable experience during your time at the School of Nursing? As a recently new student to the program, I was able to attend the Washington State Public Health Association’s (WSPHA) Annual Conference in Wenatchee, WA. While there I was able to connect with my track lead Betty Bekemeier, current School of Nursing students, recent graduates from the DNP PHN track, and other leaders in Public Health. I enjoyed getting to know a vast array of individuals who were equally as passionate to improve healthcare systems for our intended populations. My time with them and at the conference expanded my knowledge of Public Health within our state while making me feel like I was a valuable member of the nursing school’s community.

How has your experience at nursing helped you with your career trajectory? Studying at the University of Washington’s School of Nursing has surrounded me with a diverse grouping of individuals who are working to overcome a multitude of health equity topics within Seattle and globally. As a student who is passionate about global health, I value the commitment my professors have to their students and the mentorship and education I have received on how to address issues related to health equity.

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