Meet our Students: Truc Hang

Meet our Students: Truc Hang

  Truc Hang

Hometown: Seattle

Year/Program: 2019/BSN

What is your research/areas of interest? Community Health, Neonatal ICU, Trauma, Pediatric Oncology

Are you a scholarship recipient? If so, please list the scholarship(s): Yes, Robert G. and Jean A. Reid Endowed Student Support Fund in Nursing

Why did you choose nursing? Quite simply, to help others. Healthcare is a field that I personally feel comfortable in. I love the environment and the people, but there are so many ways to be a part of the healthcare community, why did I choose nursing specifically? I value interpersonal relationships a great deal. Naturally, I saw the interactions nurses have with patients and fell for the profession. Combined with the amazing work nurses do and the relationships they build with patients, there really was no question that nursing is the life I want.

What has been an unforgettable experience during your time at the School of Nursing? My first day in purple scrubs. I am a Husky through and through. I have seen many students in the purple scrubs while I was working on my first bachelor’s and I always thought that it would be amazing to be one of them. When I was given the opportunity to wear the purple scrubs emblazoned with the UW School of Nursing (SoN) patch and badge, I could not contain my excitement for what was to come. Personally, it was a great honor for me to represent the SoN and to know that I now have the responsibility of upholding all the values the SoN ascribes to its student nurses.

How has your experience at the School of Nursing helped you with your career trajectory? Although my experience is short thus far after one only one quarter, it absolutely galvanizes my determination to excel as a nurse. I have no doubt that this is the right path for myself. It has given me confidence in pursuing whatever field of nursing because time and time again, the SoN has reiterated that it is here to help me succeed and to provide the stepping stones and tools I need. Rather than narrow my trajectory, it has opened up many doors for me which is essential at this early stage of my education.

What are your plans after graduation? I have always thought to one day become a part of the education process for future nurses, completing the circle. However, that is a later goal after I have built upon my clinical experience. After graduation, I am going to start building my clinical experience. Once I can confidently say that a specific field is where I want to stay, I will begin the process of getting certifications and consider working towards a Doctor of Nursing Practice for that field.