Meet our students: Shelley Brandstetter

Shelley Brandstetter

Shelley Brandstetter

Hometown: Copley, Ohio

Year/Program: 2019/DNP- Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

Research/Areas of Interest: Pediatric Primary Care; Global Health; Rural/Medical Underserved Communities

Scholarship Recipient? If so, which scholarship? Yes; Hegyvary Citizens of the World Endowed Fund

Why did you choose nursing? When I was in high school, my older sisters gave me the coolest gift ever. Instead of a new CD or some lip gloss, they donated the gift money to an organization that helped train nurse midwives in Guatemala. It was, to this day, one of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten. When it was time to apply to college, I knew I wanted a career where I would help people, and frankly I also wanted the stability and flexibility that nursing can offer. Not many careers give you the option to have 8 days off in a row as a regular schedule!

What has been an unforgettable experience during your time at the School of Nursing? My favorite moments so far have been those where I’ve been studying with colleagues and realize that we really have learned so much since starting September 2016!

How has your experience at nursing helped you with your career trajectory? The University of Washington has such an excellent reputation. I hope to work in global health and pediatric primary care. Although I’m not sure exactly where I’ll end up working, I know my connections from UW and the skills I’ve learned here will serve me well.

Anything else you would like to share? I’d like to thank the donors that make the Hegyvary Citizens of the World Endowed Fund possible. Without their support, my trip to Kenya would not be possible. Additionally, I’d like to thank Kiersten Israel-Ballard and Kimberly Mansen from PATH for their exemplary guidance and support.

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