Meet our students: Rafael Achacoso

Meet our students: Rafael Achacoso

Hometown: Lynnwood, WA

Year/Program: Senior, BSN

What is your research/areas of interest? Pediatrics, Pediatric Oncology, Health Equity

Rafael Achacoso

Do you have a faculty mentor? If so, whom? Amy Walker

Are you a scholarship recipient? If so, please list the scholarship(s). KCNA Scholarship, SCCA Future of Oncology Nursing, Elizabeth Thomas Legacy Scholarship (Seattle Children’s Hospital Equity and Inclusion Scholarship)

Why did you choose nursing? Nursing is the intersection of art and science. We must be able to take the scientific knowledge of the pathophysiology for different disease processes in order to treat and stabilize the patient. We take the art of interpersonal communication, emotional intelligence and cultural competence in order to ease the patient and their family through the process. Also, my mother was diagnosed with cancer and I saw the important role of nurses in the treatment process.

What has been an unforgettable experience during your time at the School of Nursing? I am part of the lead team for UW Nurse Camp. During a week in the summer, we mentor high school students that come from disadvantaged backgrounds and share our love for nursing. They are able to obtain CPR certification, shadow nurses at UW Medical Center, learn basic pharmacology and other exciting and insightful things.

How has your experience at the School of Nursing helped you with your career trajectory? My experience at the School of Nursing has validated my career trajectory and has developed me into a better future nurse. I was able to do my pediatric clinicals at Seattle Children’s Hospital, where I currently work, and hone in on my nursing skills for this population. The School of Nursing does an exemplary job teaching students about health equity, social/cultural issues in nursing and addressing these issues. I feel empowered with the knowledge that many of my professors imparted.

What are your plans after graduation? I plan on working at Seattle Children’s Hospital and hopefully pursue a graduate degree as a Nurse Practitioner or Nurse Anesthetist in the future!