Meet our students: Nathan Dreesmann

Meet our students: Nathan Dreesmann

Hometown: Santa Cruz Mountains, Los Gatos, CA

Year/Program: 1st Yr PhD

What is your research/areas of interest? Pain and Coping/Geriatrics/Virtual Reality

Nathan Dreesmann

Do you have a faculty mentor? If so, whom? Yes, Hilaire Thompson

Are you a scholarship recipient? If so, please list the scholarship(s). T32 Training Grant

Why did you choose nursing? BSN at UW, I wanted to work with people in a medical setting where I helped provide quality healthcare.

PhD at UW, I want to further our understanding of pain and coping in older populations using technology interventions such as virtual reality. Nursing provides a unique ecological perspective that can add to this knowledge base and inform future research in utilizing technology to help with pain management

What has been an unforgettable experience during your time at the School of Nursing? Our PhD Friendsgiving was fantastic to share some of the best food I’ve had in the last three months with my cohort – a wonderful group who are now more than colleagues, but good friends I hope to maintain ties with throughout the remainder of my academic career

How has your experience at the School of Nursing helped you with your career trajectory? My BSN helped propel me not only into a good position as a bedside RN at UW Medical Center, but gave me the mindset with which to adequately provide care for those in the inpatient hospital setting.

My PhD is giving me a great base from which to build a solid research career.

What are your plans after graduation? Postdoc at another university and hopefully come back to UW to work within the SoN as a member of the faculty.