Meet our students: Abby Link

Meet our students: Abby Link

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

Year/Program: 1st Year/PhD

Abby Link

Research/Areas of Interest: Health care engagement in adolescent girls with HIV

Scholarship Recipient? If so, which scholarship? Yes, Pauline Bruno Memorial Endowment

Why did you choose nursing? I knew nursing was going to be a part of my career path since I was 14 years-old.  I wanted to help care for and comfort people during their time of need.  I also appreciated the medical component of nursing which allowed for performing procedural skills in nursing.  The practical skills, the knowledge and relationships I have made throughout my career are invaluable.

What has been an unforgettable experience during your time at Nursing? My most unforgettable experience in nursing was the year I spent teaching midwifery students in Lira, Uganda.  This experience was the impetus to pursing a PhD in nursing.

How has your experience at nursing helped you with your career trajectory? I have learned and experienced several facets in nursing from patient care in hospital, clinic and home settings as well as teaching and improving infection prevention practices.  The variety of experiences have provided me with a comprehensive view of nursing which includes collaboration, advocacy, critical thinking and respectful care.  Through these learnings, I feel prepared to take the next step in my career which includes research, teaching, and mentorship for the next generation.

What will you be doing abroad this summer? I will be conducting a time and motion evaluation in combination with patient satisfaction surveys in 3-4 private and public HIV clinics in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Anything else you would like to share? “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” -Les Brown