Huskynurses in the Husky 100

Huskynurses in the Husky 100

The UW School of Nursing is proud to announce three nursing students, Cecilia Perez, BSN, Hannah Jeong, BSN, and Jax Hermer PhD were chosen for the 2018 Husky 100. The Husky 100, now in its third year, recognizes 100 undergraduate and graduate students from Bothell, Tacoma and Seattle who are making the most of their time at the UW.

BSN student, Cecilia Perez

Cecilia Perez, BSN student – “I am the proud daughter of Mexican immigrants,” Perez told the Husky 100 committee. “The challenges I have faced have motivated me to help pave a path for other underrepresented students to succeed in higher education institutions, through mentorship and community building. As a Husky nurse, I am passionate about social justice and addressing health inequities. I hope to bridge healthcare gaps that a BSN student is passionate about social justice and addressing health inequities and hopes to bridge healthcare gaps that communities of color disproportionately experience, especially within the Latinx migrant population.”

BSN student, Hannah Jeong

Hannah Jeong, BSN student – “UW has helped me explore my passion for psychiatry and behavioral health nursing through various leadership and service opportunities,” Jeong told the Husky 100 committee. “Currently, I am conducting research on the Forefront Cares program. I hope to discover ways to improve such community support for suicide loss survivors and to help them find appropriate resources. I am committed to reducing prejudice around mental health, encouraging people to seek help and promoting mental health on campus.”

DNP student, Jax Hermer

Jax Hermer, DNP student –  “UW is shaping the future of population health,” Hermer told the Husky 100 committee. “While at the UW, I have helped create policy that ensures that future nurses will be equipped to address the upstream factors that cause disease and plan programs that creatively and sustainably ameliorate these issues. I have done so with the support and encouragement of mentors and colleagues. When I leave the UW, I trust that I will be well equipped to work for a health system that affirms safety, nurtures a culture of respect and emboldens human dignity.”




In honor of their many contributions to the University of Washington, each member of the Husky 100 is eligible to receive exciting benefits, and to participate in a range of activities and opportunities offered by our on- and off-campus partners. Members of the 2018 Husky 100 will:

  • Celebrate with their peers, family, and community at an event hosted by the UW president and provost
  • Receive individual profiles on this website to highlight their student experiences, communities, and priorities
  • Have exclusive opportunities to expand their personal and professional networks with UW students, alumni, faculty, staff and business leaders in their field
  • Have access to customized cross-campus support for advising, counseling, and other resources

Husky 100 Criteria

The Husky 100 actively connect what happens inside and outside of the classroom and apply what they learn to make a difference on campus, in their communities and for the future. Through their passion, leadership and commitment, these students inspire all of us to shape our own Husky Experience.

Students are evaluated on how well they demonstrate the following:

  • Connect the Dots
  • Discovery Mindset
  • Commitment to Inclusive Community
  • Capacity for Leadership
  • Ready for What Is Next