Doctor of Nursing Practice student selected in Student Scholars Fellowship Program

Congratulations to Malia! Here’s her a little more about Malia.

Name: Malia Wood- Rodriguez

Hometown: Manson

Graduation Year/Program: 2023/DNP

What is your research/areas of interest? Psychiatric Mental Health

Do you have a faculty mentor? If so, whom? Jean Tang and Betsy Mau

Are you a scholarship recipient? Yes, Latino Center for Health Student Scholars Fellowship

Why did you choose nursing? I choose nursing because I enjoy working in a collaborative setting. I feel in nursing, you are never bored; there is always something to learn and do. I love that nursing is a vibrant career where we can touch people’s lives in a meaningful way. As a nurse, I feel humbled that I get to be there for people when they are often at vulnerable times in their lives.

How has your experience at the School of Nursing helped you with your career trajectory?  UW has excellent academic foundations, and its faculty has by far exceeded my expectations. The support and understanding from faculty during a time like this has role modeled qualities I want to integrate into my DNP practice. The classes I’ve taken so far have brought awareness and a necessity to think bigger. I always felt a calling to work with underserved populations, but now it has intensified. Through UW guidance, I am beginning to unveil my eyes to my potential and how I can affect Health Equity. I am excited to learn of more ways and methods to help address social determinants of health as I go on to be a PMHNP. I’ve noticed my leadership form is getting stronger as it continues to develop as well as my critical thinking. I am stimulated continuously with content from my professors and fellow students.

What are your plans after graduation? My career objectives after graduation are working as a PMHNP serving rural Latinx children and families. I feel I can be a resource for this community because I have a similar background. My dream is to open a multicultural mental health center (s) where we can partner with community organizations. After graduation, I also plan to return to school eventually and obtain my Public Health Nurse degree. I am finding it vital to my role to help develop and protect our communities.

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