Robert Burr, MSEE, PhD

Robert Burr, MSEE, PhD
Research Professor
Research Professor
Biobehavioral Nursing and Health Systems
Box 357266
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195-7266


Dr. Bob Burr is a non-nurse bioengineer/biomathematician with a special interest in the analysis of dynamic systems and psychophysiological adaptations.  He is particularly interested in the study of within-unit (e.g. person, dyad, organization) processes over time using time series/sequential analysis, longitudinal analysis, and other systems analytic research methods.

Practice, Service, Community Involvement

Dr. Burr serves as a part time quantitative research methods peer mentor and consultant in the UW Office of Nursing Research.

Active professional affiliations include: Institute of Mathematical Statistics, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, Signal Processing Society, American College of Clinical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering Society, Sleep Research Society, and the Western Institute of Nursing. 

Current Publications

  • Bjornson, K.F., Yung, D., Jacques, K., Burr, R.L., Christakis, D.  (2012)  StepWatch Accelerometry-based Stride Counting: Accuracy, Precision and Energy Expenditure in Children.  Journal of Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine 5(1) 7-14. [PMID: 22543888].
  • 2. Bond, G.E., Burr, R.L., Wolf, F.M., Feldt, K. (2010).  The Effects of a Web-Based Intervention on Psychosocial Well-Being Among Adults Age 60 and Older with Diabetes: A Randomized Trial.  Diabetes Educator, 36(3) 446-456. [PMID: 20375351]
  • 3. Burr, R.L., Jarrett, M.E., Cain, K.C., Jun, S.-E., Heitkemper, M.M. (2009). Catecholamine and Cortisol Levels during Sleep in Women with Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  Neurogastroenterology and Motility, 21(11), 1148-1155. [PMID: 19573081; PMCID: PMC2820403]
  • 4. Burr, R.L., Kirkness, C.J., Mitchell, P.H. (2008).  Detrended Fluctuation Analysis of Intracranial Pressure Predicts Outcome Following Traumatic Brain Injury.  IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, 55(11), 2509-2518. [PMID: 18990620; PMCID: PMC2731428]
  • 5. Burr, R.L.  (2007). Interpretation of Normalized Spectral Heart Rate Variability Indices in Sleep Research: A Critical Review. SLEEP, 30(7), 913-919. [PMID: 17682663; PMCID: PMC1978375]

Current Research Projects

  • 2013-2014 Metabolomic Indicators of Tryptophan in Women with IBS.  UW-ONR-RIFP2013. Margaret M. Heitkemper, PI. (R.L. Burr role: bioengineer/biomathematician on investigational team in 2014 only).
  • 2012-2014 Contribution of Circadian Rhythm and Maternal Entrainment to Infant Regulation. R21HD068597-01A1 NIH NICHHD.  Karen Thomas, PI.  (R.L. Burr role: Co-Investigator, bioengineer/biomathematician).
  • 2009-2014 Center for Research on the Management of Sleep Disturbances.  P30 NR011400-NIH NINR. Margaret Heitkemper, PI (R.L. Burr role: Co-investigator).
  • 2007-2014 Anti-Arrhythmic Effects of Exercise After an ICD.  R01 HL 084550-01A1 NIH NHLBI.  Cynthia Dougherty, PI.  (R.L. Burr role: Co-Investigator).


Research Interests: 
Psychophysiology and time series analysis.
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