Report microaggressions or discrimination

Report microaggressions or discrimination

We are actively working to create a climate reflective of the UW School of Nursing’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. We value feedback that will help us create a climate that openly and promptly addresses bias and discrimination so all students, staff and faculty feel welcome.

Your comments, questions and suggestions can be shared with the UW School of Nursing on this webpage. You can also use this webpage to report microaggressions (a comment or action that subtly and often unconsciously or unintentionally expresses a prejudiced attitude toward a member of a marginalized group), discrimination or other issues that you experience, encounter, or observe. This information can be shared anonymously or you can enter your name and email address or phone number if you would like someone from the UW School of Nursing’s Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion to follow up with you.

Your report will be automatically sent via e-mail to the UW School of Nursing’s Director of Human Resources and Organizational Development, Helaina Sorey and be shared with the Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Butch de Castro. Depending on the nature of the report, the school’s Director of Admissions and Student Diversity Cher Espina may also be informed. They will review the report to make a determination of action, and consider policies, rules, and resources that might apply.

Should the incident or situation you report be determined to fall outside the UW School of Nursing’s purview, we will forward your concern to the appropriate contact person/group that handles diversity, equity and inclusion matters for that other UW school, college, department, or administrative unit; unless you indicate not to do so.

An alternative way to report your concern is to the university-level UW Bias Reporting Tool here: Your report will be reviewed by the UW’s Bias Incident Advisory Committee. The UW complaint resolution policy details and additional UW complaint resolution resources can be found here: