September 2015

Faculty, Staff and Students of the School of Nursing,

Technology Innovations in Education in Research (TIER) provides curricular technology support, client services and digital media production for the School of Nursing. Our media and IT professionals build our services on the foundation provided by UW-IT and industry solutions. Over the past two years TIER has worked hard to establish a modern and stable platform of systems and services for your innovations in teaching, learning and research. Many of our recent achievements have relied on partnerships with the other units and departments of the SoN as well as feedback from Faculty and Staff. Here is more information about our current activities:

TIER Service Desk (T442/440)

phone: 206-616-7435 email:

Our help desk on the fourth floor strives to provide consistently high-quality service to our Faculty and academic departments in support of their teaching and research. We can help with questions or issues relating to computing or digital technologies, printers, desktop setup, Mondopads or Canvas. Please don’t hesitate to get a ticket started by contacting us at, by phone, or by dropping by… We’ll connect you with answers!


The TIER service desk is also open to all undergraduate and graduate Nursing students. Our student employees will be happy to triage their issue and connect them with the technology support they need.


TIER Learning Technologies (T647) 

phone: 206-543-0479 email:

TIER's digital media professionals on the sixth floor are focused on curricular support, video production and interactive development. Our instructional technologist Ashley Bond ( is available to discuss your course needs and academic goals for your students. In addition to course recording, we continue to offer video production and documentary work in HD and 4K formats, Please contact Chris Gambol (, our lead video producer, to discuss your production needs. Nevine Isaak develops interactive case studies and instructional multimedia for SoN grant projects and curriculum.


TIER Infrastructure, Web Applications and Administration

This year we will continue to see many improvements in our services and systems. Our attention is currently focused on  further improvements to student application scoring and continuing with the development of an online application for undergraduate admissions. After last year's successful upgrade of the SoN network wiring and improvements to K:Drive, TIER's infrastructure team will now be improving Remote Access and rolling out replacements for V:Drive and O:Drive.


The recent Staff Capacity Study also highlighted a number of opportunities to improve collaboration and communication at the School of Nursing. In response, TIER has upgraded the SoN Intranet and is exploring new collaborative technologies such as Trello, Slack and Zoom. Additionally, TIER Learning Technologies is also coordinating training workshops on Office 365, Onedrive, Sharepoint and other topics for in collaboration with other UW partners.


Thank you for your patience and support as we continue to develop new offerings for the School of Nursing. Your success is our primary goal.


REMINDER: TIER support and services are provided for curriculum and SoN units without additional fees. Billing charges are typically only required grants and external departments. If you have any questions regarding fees and billing, for example: PCE and grants, please do not hesitate to contact TIER or SoN Finance for clarification.


As we begin the 2015-2016 Academic Year, I want to encourage you to contact TIER when you have any technology, computer or media questions. We’re happy to help when we can, or to otherwise get you connected with the resources and services you need. We look forward to working with you!



Frank Barber, Ed.S.

Director of Information Technology

University of Washington, School of Nursing

Technology Innovations in Education and Research