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 What is CANVAS?

Canvas ( is a feature-rich learning management software, allowing for simplified course management, seamless course calendaring, and efficient grading. Canvas improves communication between instructors and students through integrating multiple tools and methods. 

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What is Tegrity?

Tegrity ( is a video and screen capture tool that also supports importing video content from external sources. Take advantage of generous video storage capacity to record lectures inside or outside the classroom, assign student video projects, and more.

If you teach an official for-credit UW course your courses will automatically show up in Tegrity, ready for lecture capture, with no action required on your part.

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What are Catalyst Web Tools?

The Catalyst Web Tools ( are a set of Web-based communication and collaboration applications designed for use in teaching, learning, research, and everyday work. Use of the Catalyst Web Tools is free to anyone in the UW community. 

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Adobe Presenter

What is Presenter?

Presenter gives you the ability to add audio, video, quizzes, surveys and much more to your PowerPoint presentations. Check out the rest of the features. After installing Presenter on your machine (it integrates right into PowerPoint) and some brief training you will be a Presenter pro!

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Turning Point

What is Turning Point?

Turning Point  is an audience response technology.  The technology not only creates interactive presentations, but is proven to enhance effective instruction, increase retention, engage participants, and immediately assess understanding. It can be used for knowledge checks, active learning exercises and much more.

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Staffed Web Conferencing Package

1 full quarter advance scheduling required.

Connect is a robust and fully-featured web conferencing platform for web meetings, e-learning, and webinars. It also works on mobile devices as well as on desktop computers. There are a wide range of tools that can be used inside of Connect rooms including breakout rooms and polls. You can share PowerPoint presentations, images, videos, audio files even your desktop. 

$1500 for any combination of 5 standard 2 hour sessions of:

  • TIER staffed web conferencing
  • TIER staffed asynchronous course recording and creation of streaming asset
  • Includes setup, and training of students and faculty. We will schedule a follow up meeting with you to go over details and exact cost.
  • Example of web conference

Staffed Single-Event Web Conferencing

  • Initial setup and recording up to 2 hours $450
  • Every hour after $225
  • Includes setup, and training of students and faculty. 
  • Example of web conference

Simple Animation

1 full quarter advance scheduling required. Animation work requires scoping of project for final cost.

Students actually retain more information after viewing an animation compared with an equivalent graphic according to a study of long-term memory retention. This service Includes concept meeting with faculty, research for images, animation of images and review and acceptance by client without edits, and loading and linking. 

Short Video

1 full quarter advance scheduling required. Production work requires scoping of project for final cost.

This service includes meeting for concept and script review with client; camera & light setup; shooting with multiple camera positions; sound checking; video editing; and posting to MediaAMP server. 

  • Bills at $125 per hour  (Cost estimate for simple 3-5 minute animation = $1100)
  • Initial consultation is free

Recording Class (Asynchronous)

This class recording service includes setting up equipment and recording of one class session of up to two hours duration; training students and faculty on DL access and use; loading class presentation; creating a stream and URL for posting; and hosting for 2 years. 

  • Initial setup and recording up to 2 hours $450
  • Every subsequent hour: $225

Conversion of Media

This conversion service includes capturing of VHS/DVD/CD-ROM to digital; exporting to MP4 format (compatible with desktops as well as mobile devices); uploading to MediaAMP; and delivery of link via email for use in Canvas course or other web page.

  • Approximate cost $250 for 1 hour of finished video

Audio/Video Editing

Includes capturing footage, editing, compressing and exporting to tape/uploading to MediaAMP/etc.

  • $125 per TIER staff hour

Dedicated Technical Help

  • Billed at $125 per hour  hour