Learning Technologies

Many courses in the UW School of Nursing make use of CANVAS, course recording, and audience response software. TIER IT and Media professionals provide support and consultation related to the use of these teaching technologies for SoN Faculty.

Distance learning, event recording and web conferencing services are available for SoN courses, Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) and grant-funded projects. Video recording of guest speakers, lectures and other course activities is offered to all SoN courses and their Faculty. Our video capture services are offered on-campus in Health Science lecture halls and our own T-wing classrooms: T653 and T661. Capabilities of these facilities vary considerably.  Please refer to the details provided in the classroom list or contact TIER for more information.

Additionally, the TIER Learning Technologies group supports video, photo and interactive production services for the School of Nursing courses and marketing needs within SoN. These production services are also available to grant projects and other UW departments for competitive rates. Please contact tier@uw.edu for more information.

School of Nursing Faculty and Staff can review the Technology Resources page of the SoN Intranet for more information.