UW Student Number, NetID, and Email

As a first step in becoming a student at the UW School of Nursing, you will need to get a UW student number and a UW NetID. Establishing these allows you to get your UW email address and complete many of your compliance requirements, such as HIPAA training.


In order to set up your NetIDyou require a Personal Access Code (PAC), provided by the Registrar's Office. This will be given to you:

Your PAC and directions for setting up your NetID will come from the University of Washington, not the School of Nursing. Please contact the UW Registrar's Office or Professional & Continuing Education if you have any questions.

State-Based Tuition Programs

If you are entering a program that uses state-based tuition, you will receive a student number from the Registrar's Office.

  • BSN students, once accepted by the University of Washington, will receive a student number by the end of May. This will be sent to you by postal mail, so please make sure the University and School of Nursing have your current mailing address.
  • Graduate students are assigned a student number at the time they are accepted by the University of Washington Graduate School. You will receive notification directly from the Graduate School.

Fee-Based Tuition Programs

Students who will enroll in programs funded through Professional & Continuing Education (PCE) will receive the PAC and student number directly from PCE.