Subscribing to Email Listservs & Checking Your Email

Faculty, staff and students use email to communicate class information, registration information, and much more. Therefore, we require you to:

  1. Establish your UW NetID (create your University of Washington e-mail account) BEFORE starting your studies
  2. Your UW email will be automatically subscribed to the appropriate listserv(s)
  3. Check your email 2-3 times a week to see important announcements or communication from your instructors and staff in Student and Academic Services

You may make changes to the way you receive email at any time; see Changing Listserv Options below.

Archived Messages

If you would like to see messages posted to the list that you may have missed, you may access the list archives. To do so, go first to the main page of your listserv:

Log in with your UW NetID and on the main page under the "About" section will be the listserv's monthly archives.

We also recommend that you participate in e-mail training and set up your computer so that you can connect to the UW from home.

Changing Listserv Options

Receive Listserv Emails as Daily Digest

Nursing students receive information about lectures, events, and other important details via their UW email account.

We understand this can become overwhelming when combined with communication sent out by upper campus. For the listservs you are subscribed to, you may elect to receive emails as a daily digest. This means that individual emails will be combined into a single email and sent once per day (on rare occasions, more than one may be sent if there is heavy email traffic).

To change your listserv settings:

  1. Log into the listserv options, replacing listserv with the appropriate name of your mailing list (e.g., nsdnp):
  2. Click UW login, and enter your UW NetID and password
  3. Scroll down the page until you see "Set Digest Mode" and change Off to On
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Submit My Changes

You may change your settings at any time by repeating the steps above.