Revising & Proposing Sub-Categories of the Graduate Certificate Program

This memorandum outlines the School of Nursing's procedure for approving a new sub-category for the Graduate Certificate Program in Advanced Practice Nursing (GCPAPN).

The GCPAPN was created for post-masters, post-doctoral, and/or currently matriculated graduate students who wish to obtain graduate education in a variety of specialty areas. The GCPAPN provides flexible options for graduates to maintain current expertise or expand their clinical horizons to remain current in their professional careers. For further information, see:

To obtain approval of a new or revised sub-category in the GCPAPN, the faculty sponsor must:

  1. Complete two forms:
    1. the Description of a Sub-Category within the GCPAPN form; AND
    2. the Justification of New & Revised Programs Form from Student and Academic Services Memo 39
  2. Submit completed forms to the following bodies in the order listed, contingent upon approval at each level:
    1. the department/program within the School of Nursing (note: proposals involving resources from multiple departments must seek and receive approval from each department involved),
    2. the School of Nursing Tri-council,
    3. the School of Nursing MN/DNP Coordinating Committee,
    4. the Graduate Faculty in the School for vote, and
    5. SoN Student and Academic Services for forwarding to the Graduate School for final review and coding.

The proposed new or revised sub-category must adhere to the requirements outlined in Graduate School Memo 43: Graduate Certificates.

Revised December 2008
Student and Academic Services Memo No. 37