Recording Sensitive Student Information in Meeting Minutes

In the interest of protecting student confidentiality, the official copy of Coordinating Committee meeting minutes (kept on the School of Nursing shared drives) will provide a short summary of the committee's discussion and actions regarding sensitive student issues, without naming the student. Example: A student issue was discussed related to the student's academic performance and to the student's meeting of the BSN Essential Qualifications for continuance. The decision of the committee was: ______.

In order to support the work of the committee and coordinate efforts to assess and assist the student, the appropriate Student and Academic Services staff person will prepare a separate copy of the Coordinating Committee meeting minutes with detailed sensitive student content. The student shall be named in this document.  The detailed meeting minutes will be kept by the Director of Student and Academic Services for all student issues discussion. The file will be maintained for six years.

Revised September 2013
Student and Academic Services Memo No. 26