Procedure for Handling Instructor/Faculty Illness or Unplanned Absence

When an instructor is ill or otherwise unable to meet his/her class of students, it is the instructor's responsibility to:

  1. Notify his/her department chairperson and/or the chairperson's representative (outlined below in descending order) so that students may be dismissed or arrangements can be made for a substitute instructor:
    • Department Chair
    • Department Vice Chair for Education
    • Chair's Assistant
    • Course Coordinator
    • Level Coordinator
  2. If the instructor has students in a clinical setting:
    1. Notify the clinical site
    2. Have established a phone list/tree on the first day of class
    3. Call all students in the class (or initiate the phone tree), directing unlicensed students NOT to come to the clinical site.*
      *If a second UW instructor at the site has agreed to supervise the absent instructor's unlicensed students, the absent instructor must direct students to report to the second instructor upon arrival at the site. Many sites require instructor presence on site.

Revised July 2010
Student and Academic Services Memo No. 7