Nursing Student Network (NSN)

The NSN is a local UW chapter of the National Student Nurses Association (NSNA), and serves to promote professionalism, leadership, and interconnection among nursing students. NSN is composed of current pre-nursing, undergraduate nursing (ABSN and BSN), and graduate students (MN, MS, DNP, and PhD) at the UW. NSN also works to coordinate with other NSNA groups throughout the Puget Sound and WA State by promoting educational empowerment, providing support, and enabling changes in current social, educational, and service systems.

Students benefit from this organization in a variety of ways. For one, students can network with local, regional, state, and national officials in NSNA as well as affiliated professional nursing organizations. In addition, members are encouraged to get involved with other nursing and service organizations to develop their professional and leadership skills. Lastly, NSN works to promote connection among UW pre-nursing students, nursing students, and nursing alumni through various digital means.