Make-Up & Independent Study Sessions

Make-Up Sessions for Students

  • Students are expected to adhere to the SoN Attendance Policy for Clinical and Lab Courses.
  • Make-up sessions for students who have missed clinical activities in the CENE will need to be cleared by the course coordinator.
  • After coordinator approval, student may email the CENE to schedule via
  • Graduate students needing make-up labs or refreshers will work with the CENE director; undergraduate students will work with the CENE staff Teaching Assistants. E-mails to clinical instructors regarding names of students, activities and status will be completed at the end of these sessions by CENE staff.

Independent Study or Special Project for Students

  • Students interested in independent study or doing any special projects in the CENE should send a Request Form to make an appointment with the available CENE staff.
  • Download and complete the form, and e-mail this to to request an appointment with the CENE staff. Please give a minimum of 24 hours notice if you will need training on the equipment. Be specific as to your learning needs.
  • If you want to practice head to toe examinations and need no special clinical equipment, there is generally availability. Check with the lab TAs in person or e-mail to coordinate a practice time.