The protection of the health of students is important so that they will be able to resist illness and not transmit disease to patients. To that end students are required to have certain immunizations and testing prior to the first day of classes.

PLEASE NOTE: All entering students are now required to complete all immunization and tuberculosis surveillance requirements prior to entry into their health sciences school/program. 

For a complete list of the immunization requirements, please refer to: Nursing students are also required to complete a color vision test.

Health Sciences Student Health Fee

As a Health Sciences student at the University of Washington, you will be assessed a student health fee of approximately $140, which cover services provided by the Health Sciences Immunizations Program as outlined below:

  1. Receives, reviews, and reports on your compliance status to your program on a regular basis.
  2. Provides annual health care personnel services such as an annual PPD (skin test for tuberculosis) and influenza vaccine.  This also covers the color vision test that is required of all Nursing students upon entry to the program.
  3. Counseling for positive PPD conversion.
  4. Coverage for counseling, testing, and treatment for any Blood Borne Pathogen (BBP) exposure after your insurance is billed.

The health fee and is attached to every student’s account beginning with entry into their health sciences school/program. The fee recurs on the student’s account each year as long as they remain in their health sciences school/program. Students submitting incomplete documentation or late documentation may be subject to additional fees. There are no exceptions to these fees. The policy is subject to change, so please check back for possible updates.

For more information regarding the Health Sciences Immunization Program and a list of required immunizations, please visit the following link:

For FAQ’s, please check here:

For additional information on the School of Nursing Immunizations Policies, please refer to Student and Academic Services Memo No. 22.