ESL Students

The following questions have been suggested by faculty members in the School of Nursing as having the potential to support English as a Second Language (ESL) students in the School. You may wish to consider posing these questions to your instructors and/or committee chairs. You can then use their responses to assist you in meeting course and committee expectations. For additional support for writing, please explore the School of Nursing Writing Resources page.

Questions for Committee Chairs and Instructors of Courses Requiring Submission of Written Papers

  • What is your policy if I mistakenly quote an author without specifically stating that the idea and/or words are his/hers?
  • What in my writing as an ESL student do you value: is content alone enough, or must the content be coupled with proper writing mechanics?
  • Can you please explain your definition of a high-quality written paper? Specifically, please address how you will grade: evidence of synthesis of concepts, innovation, original thinking, careful research, and grammar.
  • Should I find an editor before or after I give you a draft to review?
  • I am working with an editor. Is the quality of his/her work meeting your expectations in terms of writing style?
  • Will you overlook punctuation mistakes, as long as the idea is not obscured?

Questions for Instructors of Courses Requiring Oral Participation

  • I am not comfortable voluntarily participating in discussions. Could we make an agreement that you will call on me once a session?
  • Will your grading of my work be affected by the precision of my English?

Questions for Instructors of Courses Requiring Clinical Work

  • How can I best prepare for the patient interview process? Can you suggest particular idioms, medical terminology, and/or techniques to make myself well understood by the patient?
  • How might I familiarize myself with the clinical role expected of me? Do you suggest joining a peer study group? Other?
  • Will my clinical placements require a car?