Convocation Extras

Graduation Announcements

Three companies, Excition, Jostens, and Signature Announcements, have been licensed to provide announcements for University of Washington graduates. Please visit for more information.

School of Nursing Pins

Graduates from all programs may place an order for a School of Nursing pin. Pins are optional; there is no special "pinning ceremony."

The pin of the University of Washington School of Nursing is a replica of the Great Seal of the university. The seal was designed by a committee of faculty and students in 1916 and has been used by the School of Nursing as its pin since the first one was awarded in 1933.

The shield on the pin contains four columns, which are symbols of the beginnings of the university. The columns were on the original university building that stood in what is now the metropolitan tract Nursing Pin Back of downtown Seattle. The four columns of the shield represent loyalty, industry, faith and efficiency - the foundation of all good life. On the top of the shield is a star with a burst of rays emanating from it, signifying the light of knowledge as well as the motto of the university: LUX SIT, Let there be light. Around the shield is a garland of seed cones and foliage of the Douglas Fir — the most prominent tree of Washington state.

On the back of the pin you will find your name, degree and date of graduation.

Pin orders can be placed online through the Herff Jones website. Pin orders will be delivered to the Seattle campus.

Pin Orders for Out-of-Area Students

If you are a distance-learning student or do not want to come to the Seattle campus to pick up your pin order, you can have your pin shipped directly to you for an additional charge. Instead of using the above order form, email Howard Byrd directly to place your order: