Convocation Ceremony Information

Graduation, Convocation, and Commencement


Graduation is the completion of degree requirements to earn a University of Washington diploma. To graduate and obtain a diploma, students need to fill out the proper paperwork from either the Office of Graduation and Academic Records (undergraduates) or The Graduate School (graduates). Please see Eligibility to Participate for more information.


Convocation is the School of Nursing's ceremony held every year to honor nursing graduates and award recipients.


Commencement is the University-wide ceremony held every year to commemorate the achievements of all UW graduating students.

To participate in the either ceremony, students must register via the UW Commencement Web Registration/Order Form after completing their application to graduate.

Gonfalonier/Banner Carrier

From the UW Graduation website:

Each year the various schools and colleges select a student or students to lead their degree candidates in the procession at the University of Washington’s Commencement Ceremony. These students are called gonfalonieres because they carry the school’s gonfalon, a banner that hangs down from a crosspiece and bears that school’s name and symbol. The gonfalonier was a prestigious post in Italian medieval and Renaissance communities.

If you are interested in being the School of Nursing's gonfalonier or wish to nominate another student, contact Student and Academic Services (

Ticket Information

You MUST register on the graduation website,, between May 6 and May 24, 2015. Everyone who registers online is guaranteed 3 guest tickets. After registration, complete the SoN Convocation Ticket online form to indicate the number of guaranteed tickets you wish to keep as well as request up to 4 additional guest tickets. This form must be submitted by May 24.

Additional tickets are not guaranteed, but we will do our very best to fulfill all of the orders we receive. We encourage you to connect with your peers to seek out additional tickets if needed.

Tickets will be available for pick-up from June 1 - June 5. Students will be able to pick them up at the front desk in T-301. If you have any questions, please contact


  • Seating is not assigned unless your guests have limited mobility and require special disability accommodations. Requests for special accommodations must be made in advance.
  • Children under 2 years of age do not require tickets, but must be held on the lap of an adult guest.
  • A staff member from Student and Academic Services will be available in front of Meany Theatre for out-of-area students who are not able to pick tickets up in person prior to the ceremony.

Convocation Day Schedule

Graduates must arrive at 8:00am, wearing their academic apparel, for instructions and class pictures. DO NOT bring apparel in plastic bags — these bags will be thrown away.

Before the ceremony, PONS will be selling coffee outside the main doors to Meany Theater. By George (directly across from the main theater doors) will have bathrooms and seating available.

The main doors to Meany Theater will open at 9:00am for guests. All seats have an excellent view of the stage. We cannot accommodate strollers in the auditorium. Space is extremely limited and priority is given to wheelchair-bound guests. Due to limited spaces for wheelchairs, you should contact Stephanie Kirschner at or (206) 616-5066 as soon as possible.

The Convocation ceremony begins promptly at 9:30am.

Convocation Apparel

Academic attire is required at Convocation or you cannot participate. Orders for academic apparel must be made between May 6 and May 24 via the UW Commencement Web Registration/Order Form.

Graduates must arrive the morning of Convocation wearing their academic apparel. Do NOT bring apparel in plastic bags, as these bags will be thrown away. Purses and coats may not be brought into the auditorium. PONS will have a coat check set up in the Meany Studio Theater for a modest donation.

Parking Permits

Parking is ONLY available to those who register and pay online. You may request parking in the underground parking garage below Meany Theater (15th Avenue NE entrance) or at the parking lot by the Burke Museum (NE 45th Street entrance). The deadline for requesting permits is May 24, 2015.

Disability Seating Accommodations

If you anticipate any guest in a wheelchair or who have limited mobility, please follow the instructions below. Wheelchair spaces are limited and filled on a space-available basis.

  1. Register for parking/disabled parking online between May 6 - May 24 on the UW Commencement website.
  2. Contact Stephanie Kirschner (, 206-616-5066) with your name and the total number of guests in your party. Your entire party will have reserved seating next to those needing disabled seating.
  3. Specify the number of guests using wheelchairs, walkers, or who have difficulty walking. Be specific about the limitations of your guests.
  4. Contact the UW Disability Services Office, 4045 Brooklyn Ave NE, (206) 543-6450 with any additional questions regarding disability needs.
  5. Arrive at Meany Hall by 8:15am so that your party may be seated before general seating begins.