As a student at the UW School of Nursing, you must meet School of Nursing compliance requirements prior to the start of the program and throughout enrollment. Student and Academic Services (SAS) quarterly monitors nearly 20,000 individual compliance items for current students, encompassing:

  • student trainings
  • licensure
  • policy agreements
  • background checks, and
  • immunizations designed to protect our students, the University, and the School of Nursing's clinical partners throughout the students' programs of study

The status of many compliance items (e.g., immunizations, background checks, RN licensure, and CPR training) does not remain static. Students must meet all clinical agency requirements; site requirements vary and may include fingerprinting, drug screening, evidence of military draft registration, as well as other site specific requirements.

Each quarter, as expiration dates approach, you will receive reminder messages with helpful direction regarding appropriate actions from Student Compliance Specialist, Ky Pham.  These reminders alert you to pending expiration dates so you can renew immunizations/licensure/etc., minimizing interruption to your research or clinical rotations.

Compliance tracking continues to evolve to meet the expanding needs and requirements of our partnered agencies such as the North Puget Sound Clinical Placement Consortium, who provides many of our clinical sites, as well as the University of Washington's Health Sciences Immunization Program (HSIP). You are updated regarding these changes both by email and on our website.

Important Reminders

  • Keep copies of each of your compliance requirements for your own records. 
  • If you do not have copies of these documents, you may submit a request to receive copies from your student file.
  • To update requirements with expiration dates in your student file, bring proof of compliance to Student and Academic Services as soon as possible.  Immunizations must be updated through the Health Sciences Immunizations Program (HSIP) (
  • Please be aware that it takes up to 2 working days to remove an administrative hold once you have submitted your compliance documentation.
  • The cost of drug screening for students is the responsibility of the clinical agency and/or the student. The UW School of Nursing does not pay for drug screening and will not administer, receive, or review drug testing results. If a site requires drug screening, the date of the drug screening will be included in the clinical passport to the site without results or other information. 
  • You can search for your current compliance status online (UW NetID required)
  • A hold will be placed on your student account if a requirement's expiration date has lapsed. Contact Ky Pham ( for questions regarding account holds.
  • Students enrolled in clinical courses:  Clinical sites require the School of Nursing to send verification of your compliance status (including your immunizations history) quarterly by submitting the Clinical Passport.  If any of your compliance items have lapsed or are outstanding, you will not be allowed on-site.
  • Students entering clinical sites for observation purposes, data collection, research projects, etc. must meet the clinical agencies compliance requirements in addition to the School of Nursing requirements.

Documents & Trainings

No Expiration Date

Must Remain Current

*Pre-RN licensure students are required to attend an in person training. If you are a MN, DNP, or Graduate Certificate Program student, you are required to acknowledge that you have been trained regarding Blood Borne Pathogens and are accountable for this knowledge.
**When completing Hazards Management Training, enter Ky Pham ( as your supervisor.