Completion of Prerequisite Courses, Degrees & Licensure

Please remember to send updated transcripts to BOTH the University of Washington and the UW School of Nursing.

Undergraduate Prerequisite Audits

After accepting our offer of admission, BSN and ABSN applicants will receive an email with a prerequisite audit outlining the courses that need to be completed before matriculating into the program.  This will be sent to you within 6-8 weeks after you have returned your Intent to Register form to Student and Academic Services.

  • Applicants who choose to remain on the ABSN waitlist will receive this email if a spot becomes available for you in the program.
  • Both admitted and waitlisted BSN applicants will receive this email audit.

Graduate Statistics Course

Students entering our Master of Nursing (MN), Master of Science (MS), or Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) programs must complete an approved 3-credit Statistics course (descriptive and inferential statistics) prior to matriculation.

  • You must receive a 2.0 grade or higher
  • DNP students must complete this course within 5 years of matriculating into the program

Degrees & Licensure

The following programs all require degrees and/or Registered Nurse (RN) licensure prior to matriculation:

  • ABSN: Completed bachelor's degree in a non-nursing field
  • MN, DNP: Completed bachelor's degree and Washington State RN license
  • MS, PhD: Completed bachelor's degree and Washington State RN license only if you plan to take clinical nursing (NCLIN) courses
  • Certificates: Visit the Graduate Certificates page for the specific degree and RN licensure requirements