Communication and Coordination

Student Teachers, TAs, and Graduate Students in the CENE

  • Course or project faculty for student teaching or research experiences in the Learning Laboratory will communicate in writing with the CENE director the name of each student, preceptor/clinical faculty, and course objectives prior to the beginning of the quarter.
  • Course faculty and the student teacher's preceptor will approve the student's objectives prior to submission to the Director of the CENE.
  • Research projects involving the CENE or equipment from the CENE will be approved by the student's preceptor and CENE Director prior to placement.
  • On or before the first day that the student teacher or graduate student is in the CENE, the student will introduce self to the Director and TA's of the CENE.
  • Student teachers, TA's, and graduate student's assigned to specific classes or who are conducting scholarly or capstone projects in the CENE will submit the general objectives or nature of the approved scholarly or capstone projects to the CENE director no later than the first week of the quarter, with a cc to the course or project faculty and preceptor/mentor/clinical faculty.
  • The Director and CENE staff TAs will provide appropriate orientation regarding security, safety, supplies, setting up simulation activities.