Activate UW Deskmail

When you enroll at the University of Washington, you are asked to sign up for e-mail service through UW Outlook Live or UW Google Email. As a School of Nursing student, however, you may be communicating sensitive information that cannot be transmitted via the Outlook or Google servers. For this reason, you will need to sign up for UW Deskmail once you have cleared your School of Nursing compliance pieces.

Having Trouble Setting up UW Deskmail?

How to Activate UW Deskmail

  1. Go to You should see the following screen:

    In this example, the student currently uses the Google Apps cloud service.  You may see something different depending on whether you are using UW Outlook Live or forwarding your email to a non-UW email address.  When you see this screen, click on "UW Email Inbox" (under "Inactive Services") and hit the "Subscribe" button.
  2. You should now see this screen:

  3. Now go to UW Email Forwarding.  You should see the following screen:

    Remember, for this example we are using Google Apps so our options may look different.  From here, select "Forward to UW Deskmail" and click "OK."
  4. You should now see this screen:

  5. Now, you'll use one of the options listed at to check your email.  Here is a sample of the web-based option, Web Alpine (