Student and Academic Services Memoranda

Memo 1

Schedule of Reviews

Memo 2

Student Clinical Evaluations

Memo 3

Advising Notes

Memo 4

Systematic Process to Determine Degree Program Effectiveness

Memo 6

The Warning Notice and Learning Contract:  Notification to Student of Unsatisfactory Progress

Memo 7

Procedure for Handling Instructor/Faculty Illness or Unplanned Absence

Memo 9

Planned Student Absences

Memo 14

Reporting an Unusual Occurrence to a Patient

Memo 17

Undergraduate Student Grievance Procedure

Memo 21

Establishing Affiliation Agreements with Clinical Agencies

Memo 22

Student Health Policy

Memo 24

Complaint or Grievance Procedure for Graduate Students in the School of Nursing

Memo 25

Guidelines for Emergencies in Clinical Settings for Instructors of BSN Students

Memo 26

Recording Sensitive Student Information in Meeting Minutes

Memo 27

Essential Qualifications of Candidates for BSN & ABSN Admissions, Continuance & Graduation

Memo 28

Eligibility to Participate in the School of Nursing Convocation

Memo 29

Course Cancellation Policy

Memo 30

Employment of Graduate Students Receiving Federal Funding

Memo 31

Essential Behaviors for GCPAPN, DNP, and Master's Students

Memo 32

Graduate Nursing Students Going On Leave

Memo 33

Evaluating PhD, DNP and Graduate Certificate Student Previous Courses for Core Course Equivalency

Memo 34

Admissions Committee Standards

Memo 35

Academic Student Employee Appointments

Memo 36

Communicating Concerns About Instruction

Memo 37

Revising & Proposing Sub-Categories of the Graduate Certificate Program

Memo 38

Revising & Proposing Courses

Memo 39

Revising & Proposing Training Grants, Programs & Tracks

Memo 40

Evaluating Master's Students Previous Courses for UW Course Equivalency

Memo 41

Clinical Placements of Graduate Students at a Clinical Site Where They Are Employed

Memo 42

GNM Enrollment in School of Nursing Courses

Memo 43

Essential Behaviors for Admission, Continuation, and Graduation for PhD Students

Memo 44

Coursework in Clinical Settings Abroad

Memo 45

Blood Borne Pathogens (BBP) Exposure/Clinical Incidents

Memo 46

Course Enrollment Limits

Memo 47

Policy on Curricular Practical Training (CPT) for International Students (F-1 Visa Students)

Memo 48

Graduate Non-Matriculated (GNM) Applications & Admissions

Memo 49

Clinical Break Policy

Memo 50

Student Access to Courses

Memo 51

Procedure for Selection of an Educational or Training Grant Proposal when only One Submission is Allowed

Memo 52

Grading for DNP 2.0 Students

Memo 53

Clinical Placements through North Puget Sound Clinical Placement Consortium

Memo 54

Priority for Registration in DNP Courses