Tips for Requesting Letters of Support

Often, when requesting letters of support, we receive a number of letters that all say the exact same thing. You may want to ask the person writing the letter of support to include the following, to help avoid duplication of content: 

Send an email request asking the writer to do the following

  • Address letters to PI
  • Reference the title of the grant
  • Write a one-page letter (on agency letterhead, when applicable)
  • The date on the letters must be within 6 months of the application date.

Paragraph one

  • Comment about "enthusiastically accept the opportunity to partner/serve as consultant/serve as subcontractor," and explain why. 

Paragraph two (up to 8 lines) 

  1. Present overview of the institution: "XXX Hospital is a 600-bed facility in rural Hotzenplotz, WA, with a Level 2 trauma center, and…
  2. Describe why the partnering agency/institution is poised to be beneficial to the grant.

Paragraph three

  • Agreements:We agree to work with the University of Washington School of Nursing to (train students, provide clinical sites, offer scholarships for our employed nurses, etc.). Describe in detail the specific services/collaboration involved. 


  • Close with a moving comment generated by the partner; For example:XXX Hospital's mission includes providing medical care to its community's medically underserved residents, a majority of whom are senior citizens. Our participation in this project will help us to further this mission.

NOTE: For consultant letters, OSP requires that the consultant describe the work that will be performed, and the payment for services, on the consultant's personal letterhead. The letter may not be submitted on the letterhead of the organization employing the consultant.