RIFP Post-Award & Management Information

Orientation for RIFP Grant Management

Upon receipt of your RIFP award letter, arrange an orientation meeting with the Fiscal Specialist in the Office for Finance and Administration (currently Jeannie Ngo, 543-4758). 

In this meeting you will discuss: 

  • your budget number and account number 
  • your spending expectations 
  • personnel/payroll procedures 
  • purchasing procedures 
  • subject payment procedures 
  • accounting reports 
  • extension procedures 
  • final report requirements 

Your RIFP funds will be available for release once you have completed your orientation and met any other requirements that may have been specified in your award letter. 

RIFP Spending


  • University Personnel/RIFP Subject Payment
    • Complete Personnel Request Form as instructed on the form. 
    • Forward the form to OFM; from there it will be sent to your Departmental Payroll Coordinator. 
    • You may need to supply more detailed information to your Payroll Coordinator as requested. 
    • Timesheets should be sent directly to your Payroll Coordinator.
  • Outside Contractor
  • Request invoice from Contractor stating Name, Address, Tax ID #, Citizenship (US or no), Date Services Rendered, Description of Services, and Signature. 
  • Submit invoice to OFM for processing through Payables Office.


  1. Submit purchase request to OFM Fiscal Specialist for purchasing.
  2. Submit receipts for items you have purchased to OFM Fiscal Specialist, for reimbursement. 
  3. If you have travel expenses, complete and sign a Travel Reimbursement Form and submit to OFM with receipts; then OFM will enter PO, sign the authorization, and forward to the Travel Office
  4. For on-campus services, such as copying, posters, etc., charge to the budget number for your grant (shown on your Account Statement). Please notify OFM to expect the charges.

RIFP Subject Payment

The SoN Office for Finance and Administration will purchase gift cards for research subjects.

Please refer to the Gift Card Procedure & Log for more information.

RIFP Final Report

Policy & Procedure

All RIFP grants require that a Final Report be submitted to the Office for Finance and Administration within six months of the Grant End date.

**Please note: Failure to submit a timely Final Report may jeopardize your ability to receive future Intramural Funding.

Content of Final Report

  1. List any publications generated from the RIFP grant, in reference list form. If not yet published, list where they were submitted. 
  2. List any presentations generated from the RIFP grant. 
  3. List any extramural grants that you have applied for based on data from the RIFP grant. 
  4. Include a 200-300 word abstract on what was accomplished during the grant period, including purpose, method, and results. 

Research and Intramural Funding Proposal policy requires acknowledgement of support from indirect cost funds and/or other funding sources in any future publications resulting from an RIFP funded study.