ONR Equipment Loans

ONR has a small inventory of scientific equipment which may be loaned to faculty to help them with research projects.

  • Before the equipment is released, we ask the faculty member to complete an Equipment Loan Form (PDF) and send it to ONR Director, Kendra Hayward (khayward@uw.edu). This is a simple form informing us the type of equipment and the period in which it will be used. 
  • Depending on the value of the equipment, we may ask the faculty member to insure the equipment during the loan period.

Equipment Loss

Though not common, it is possible that a piece of scientific equipment might become lost during the research period. If a piece of scientific equipment loaned to you by the Office for Nursing Research should become lost, please do the following:

  1. Send an email to ONR Director, Kendra Hayward (khayward@uw.edu) informing her of the loss. Give a brief description on what steps you have taken to find the lost equipment.
  2. If the loss happened during loan to a study subject, please do not include any information which would break confidentiality. A simple statement telling us the scientific equipment was loaned to a subject and was either lost or not returned will suffice.

Equipment Breakage

If the equipment loaned to you by ONR stops working during the research period and needs repair, please send an email to ONR Director, Kendra Hayward (khayward@uw.edu) describing the problem.