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What is a grant?

A grant is when granting institutions give money to the UW to fulfill one or more approved goals.

  • PI (Principal Investigator): The faculty member who is responsible for the grant project, aka the grantee.
  • Sponsor: The agency that awards money to the PI, aka grantor or grant agency.

Who "owns" the money?  The University does.  It is awarded to the UW and the PI works with the university system to access the money.  The sponsor has the final say in determining if activities and expenditures are fulfilling the goals.

The term 'submitting a grant' refers to the process of preparing an application for a sponsor.  The process includes:

  • Developing and writing goals, the steps to complete those goals, and the ways in which the investigators will determine if the goals have been met.
  • Gathering information requested by the sponsor and entering it into any forms that the sponsor requires.
  • Contacting department, School and UW administrators to receive permission to submit the grant.

Examples of Project Goals:

  • A clinical trial to determine if a medication is effective
  • An investigation into the impact of depression on work
  • Requesting funds to develop new classes and pathways for nursing education
  • Requesting funds to support nurse researchers who are starting their careers

What can I expect when I start preparing a grant proposal?

In general, sponsors want the following information:

  • Background info about the PI and the UW: contact info, certification numbers, tax-exempt status, etc.
  • Budget: total dollar amounts, categories of amounts
  • Personnel: information about the people who will work on the grant and their qualifications
  • Resources: information about the resources that the School of Nursing and the UW already has (and will require no additional funding) to support the grant activities
  • Goals for the grant
  • Procedures for carrying out the goals of the grant
  • Relevance of the grant to public health, education, etc. - aka why is it important for the grant to be funded?

Read the funding opportunity to determine what forms are required by the sponsor.

Contact ONR for help with research methodologygrant editingmodeling partiesproposal help and laboratory services.

Tools for Grant Preparation

  • Glossary of Grant Terms (PDF)
  • Detailed Budget: The School of Nursing will require a detailed budget using either the SoN Budget Spreadsheet or the SAGE Budget Module (requires UWNetID).
  • eGC1: The UW will require an eGC1 form which can be filled out online via the SAGE system (requires UWNetID).