HRSA Budget Guidelines

Budget Worksheet

Budget Guidelines

  • Remember that no food and no clerical support can be requested.
  • You need to include sufficient faculty and staff to achieve your goals.
  • HRSA often cuts a significant percentage (20% in a recent grant) of the funding awarded, so it's best not to scrimp when allotting percentages to faculty and staff. However, you want to make sure that your request isn't too high.
  • Consult with other faculty and staff who have submitted revised budgets.


Determine what portion of faculty, staff, and graduate students will be needed to achieve the goals of the grant.

  • Successful applicants usually show a reduction in FTE over the 3-year period of the grant (i.e., Jane Faculty is 25% Year 1, 20% Year 2, and 10% Year 3). 
  • This demonstrates the sustainability of the project after funding ends. 
  • Do not put all of a 9-month faculty person's salary in summer without adequate justification; in other words, this is fine if the faculty is teaching during a summer course, but it will raise questions by the administrator reviewing the grant if the summer salary is solely to provide funding during summer.

Budget Support

Ideally, you will be working with a staff person who can help you with creating and modifying the budget in keeping with SoN, UW, and HRSA policies.

If you need assistance with creating HRSA budgets, please contact Jaime Jenkins ( - she can guide you, or refer you to an experienced SoN staff or faculty who have submitted HRSA proposals in the past.

Working With TIER

  • If you are including Technology Enhanced and Distance Learning (courses with web components or web-based courses, courses with video content) in your proposal, and plan to work with School of Nursing Technology Innovations in Education and Research (TIER) to support these efforts, you must contact Frank Barber ( early in the grant budget development process.
  • He can help you determine which staff can be named in the proposal, and at what percentage. He can also help you determine what equipment purchases, if applicable, to write into the grant.

Cost Sharing

  • HRSA does not require cost sharing. 
  • We do not include faculty cost sharing in the HRSA training grant proposals, period. 
  • However, we do include unrecovered indirect cost sharing.  
  • If you have questions about calculating the amount of unrecovered indirect cost sharing, please see your staff support or department administrator for assistance.

See also HRSA 424 Forms guidance.