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  • Designed to help faculty develop and critique their grant design.
  • Allows investigators to have their work reviewed informally before it is submitted to the sponsor.
  • Investigators receive feedback on the fundability of the project, clarity of the aims, whether the proposed plan will fulfill the aims, and the scientific merit.


Robert Burr, MSEE, PhD


(206) 221-2408

  • Basic statistics and statistical programming;
  • Analysis of dynamic signals and systems, longitudinal analysis, time series analysis, lag sequential Markovian analysis;
  • Bioinstrumentation and the role of technology in nursing research.

Kevin Cain, PhD


(206) 221-2410

  • Study design and interpretation;
  • Advanced statistical analysis methods including logistic regression, random and mixed effects models, survival time analysis, and generalized estimating equations for analysis of clustered data.


Adrian Dobra, PhD

Associate Professor, Statistics

  • Multivariate models, variable and selection, graphical models and social networks.



Leah LaCivita, MNO

Science Editor

(206) 290-0403

  • Assists with the preparation and review of grant proposals and scientific manuscripts, including but not limited to general editing, revising, substantial re-writing, and formatting;
  • Supports researchers in making the best possible case for significance, innovation, and strength of grant and manuscript proposals.

Barbara McGrath, PhD, RN

Research Associate Professor, Nurse & Medical Anthropologist, SoN

(206) 685 - 0834

  • Social and Behavioral Research in naturalistic and community based settings
  • Qualitative study design from conceptual phase through implementation: research problem definition, appropriate methodology selection, data collection (interview, focus group, participant-observation), data analysis/interpretation
  • Mixed method study design



Ken Pike, PhD

Research Consultant

(206) 221 - 8795

  • Catalyst and REDCap survey design; statistical programming in Stata
  • Panel and pooled time series designs
  • Structural equation models, multi-level modeling longitudinal analysis including latent growth models,
  • Random and mixed effects models