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Malia Pickett

Malia Pickett

Hi, I started my education at Washington State University (I know, I was a cougar...) as a pre-med student. After some volunteering and job shadowing, I quickly realized I did not want to be a physician and in fact I must more adhered to the nursing model of care. I switched in my second year and spent a total of three at WSU as I was continually wait-listed for the nursing program. I transferred to Lewis-Clark and completed the BSN program. As a new grad I started the emergency department residency at Providence Regional Medical Center in Everett and continued to work there and St. Josephs's in Bellingham for 2.5 years. I started my graduate program at Boise State University and was a teaching assistant and research assistant. At the time I did not have interest in the community health nursing program (ironic I know) and transferred to UW-Tacoma. I graduated from UWT December 2010 with a Master of Nursing degree as a Nurse Educator. Since that time I have worked at Virginia Mason Medical Center in the emergency department as the clinical nurse specialist.

For fun I love to spend time with my family, particularly my husband, sister and niece who live in Bellingham. My husband and I like to go to movies, golf, workout and travel. For graduation my husband took me to Europe, Italy and France specifically. We spent Christmas in Italy and attended midnight mass at the Vatican and then drove to France for New Year's Eve.

I look forward to meeting new people and really enjoy doing group work and and study groups.