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Leila Hepp

Leila Hepp

Hello, my name is Leila. Five years ago I was living in Shanghai, China teaching music at an international school. Each day I saw various forms of poverty around me, and during holidays I traveled throughout Asia exploring various cultures of the world. I knew I wanted to make a difference on a practical level and began looking into medical and nursing programs.

In 2006 I moved to Boston and started a direct entry MSN program. Recently, as a nurse, I had the opportunity to do disaster relief in post-earthquake Haiti with Partners in Health. Over the last four summers I've also helped head-up a global medical education project that sends medical and nursing students to the middle east to teach courses on basic public health and evidenced based practice.

Upon graduating with my FNP degree in May of 2010, I migrated west to Seattle to begin a DNP in community health with an internship at one of the local Indian reservations. I'm excited to see what new adventures await me and find myself lucky to make the northwest my new home.