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Julie Myers

Julie Myers

Subspecialty: Cross-Cultural and Global Health

Julie grew up in Bellingham WA., but she has a strong connection to Portland OR., where she spent a lot of her young adult life. Before I obtained her undergraduate degree in nursing, she lived and worked to have adventures and travel. That is when her world view really expanded. Witnessing first hand the inequalities in places like China, India, and Central America is when she first became inspired to become a nurse. This inspiration led her to seek out cross-cultural experiences such as studying Spanish in Nicaragua and volunteering at Country Doctor Community Health Clinic in Seattle. Volunteering in Uganda as a nurse for Doctors for Global Health in 2010 fulfilled a longtime dream of practicing as a nurse in Africa. Training Village Health Workers in Uganda confirmed her passion for finding ways to empower communities to promote health.

Julie completed her MN in Summer, 2013. Upon her graduation, she was hired to work as a Diabetes Education and Empowerment Coordinator at the Neighborcare and a part-time clinical instructor for the undergradaute community health clinical rotation at the UW SON.